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Sarda McNulty (BPharm)

Pharmacist Prescriber | Aesthetic Practitioner

Wrinkle Relaxing

Perfect Glow offer Wrinkle relaxing treatments, administered by aesthetic pharmacist practitioner Sarda McNulty. test


Lip Fillers

Offering Lip fillers made of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring, clear and lubricating substance.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring, clear and lubricating substance.


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About Sarda McNulty

Sarda McNulty qualified as a Pharmacist from the University of Bradford 20 years ago and has worked here in Doncaster at Weldricks pharmacies for many years. She then took up a permanent position at an independent pharmacy in Winterton seven years ago. Last year Sarda was successful in achieving her Independent Pharmacist Prescribing qualification from the University of Leeds. After this she received training in aesthetic procedures to an advanced level with the renowned Harley Street clinic, DermaMedical, under tuition of Dr Zack Ally and Dr Sanah Qasem.

This level of experience and expertise ensures all her clients receive the very best level of care and advice.


What our customers say about us

Sarda is the ultimate professional and always looks to offer advice to the client before any treatment. Her personality ensures you always feel at ease.

M Williams

Latest News

What age you are when you start to get lines and wrinkles is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question; everyone’s skin ages at different rates and it depends on your skin type, race, genetics and lifestyle.

Dr Townshend says, “I see some ladies who are 23, 25, and they’ve been smoking for 10 years and using sun beds, so they’re very different to somebody who’s 35 who’s looked after themselves.”

“You have to treat what you see in front of you, not the patient’s age,” says Dr Sarah Tonks, from Omniya clinic in Knightsbridge. She says that if you’ve got a “hyper mobile” face (that’s lots of smiling, frowning, raised eyebrows and WTF faces) she’d consider treating in the 20s to stave off lines and wrinkles.

“But, if they don’t have anything, and they don’t have hyper mobile muscles, then there’s no point in doing it,” she adds.
Source: Refinary29
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Are you summer ready? Protected???

Dozens of studies in the last decade have examined the potential health hazards of small molecule sunscreen chemicals, including skin irritation or allergy, hormone disruption and skin damage that occurs when sunlight interacts with sunscreen chemicals.

Speak to your AlumierMD professional (@perfect_glow_aesthetics )to find out which AlumierMD Broad Spectrum, 100% Physical sunscreen is suitable for you.

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▶️A little lip enhancement with @juvedermuk

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Men's Health Magazine says:
So why is Brotox on the uptick? The short answer: social media.

While it's not exactly news that the rise of Instagram has put more pressure on us to improve our appearances, guys are responding to that pressure by shelling out their cash for monthly injections.

"I do think our society is way more vain [because of social media]. I'm guilty of succumbing to that," says LeBlanc, who was inspired to get Botox when he spotted his first forehead lines. "But I like good things and willing to pay for it." Jon LeBlanc, 40, for Men's Health.

😂Just for fun...tag your sexy misters, silver foxes and frowny men below. 😍

Message or book your free consultation with Sarda, through her Facebook page @perfectglowaesthetics to discuss what she can do for you!
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