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This week I will be : at Handgelic Nails in Hatfield on Wednesday 16th January.

Sarda McNulty (BPharm)

Pharmacist Prescriber | Aesthetic Practitioner

Wrinkle Relaxing

Perfect Glow offer Wrinkle relaxing treatments, administered by aesthetic pharmacist practitioner Sarda McNulty. test


Lip Fillers

Offering Lip fillers made of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring, clear and lubricating substance.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring, clear and lubricating substance.


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About Sarda McNulty

Sarda McNulty qualified as a Pharmacist from the University of Bradford 20 years ago and has worked here in Doncaster at Weldricks pharmacies for many years. She then took up a permanent position at an independent pharmacy in Winterton seven years ago. Last year Sarda was successful in achieving her Independent Pharmacist Prescribing qualification from the University of Leeds. After this she received training in aesthetic procedures to an advanced level with the renowned Harley Street clinic, DermaMedical, under tuition of Dr Zack Ally and Dr Sanah Qasem.

This level of experience and expertise ensures all her clients receive the very best level of care and advice.


What our customers say about us

Sarda is the ultimate professional and always looks to offer advice to the client before any treatment. Her personality ensures you always feel at ease.

M Williams

Latest News

My final instalment about treating lips with Juvederm Lip Filler.

Once the lips have been injected and massaged the IMPORTANT part is up to you!!!

Aftercare is crucial to the final appearance and longevity of your newly treated lips. Firstly applying a cool compress, wrapped in clean fabric, to your lips will reduce the amount of swelling you experience and allow your lips to retain their new shape without distortion. Secondly drinking plenty of water will improve the hydration of the lips and yield the maximum volume from the hyaluronic acid filler. Don't drink alcohol or carry out excessive exercise for at least 24 hours. Avoid rubbing the lips and don't apply makeup for 4 hours. And finally stay out of sunlight/ UV radiation (including sunbeds) until redness and any swelling has resolved but ideally for the next two weeks. This is because it takes two weeks for the lips to settle and the filler to incorporate in to the tissues of the lip.

It is not uncommon to feel some bumps in the first two weeks but these can be massaged away when the client returns.

Juvederm Lip Filler can last between 6 and 9 months depending on the client. It hydrates the lips beautifully, as well as plumping them up, and it's possible to produce fantastic results as you can see below.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about lip fillers and feel free to arrange your complimentary, no obligation consultation to help you achieve the results that you deserve.
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In tonight's instalment I'll be talking about injecting Juvederm Lip Filler.

Once the client's lips are numb and cleaned they are ready to be injected.

First I inject the vermillion border to enhance the definition of the lips. The filler is placed superficially in this region. During this procedure the lips become even more numb because tbe filler itself contains an anaesthetic. During the injections I stand back and view the lips from lots of different angles to check that they are still looking beautiful. I will massage the filler to smooth any bumps and help incorporate the filler in to the lip. I also perform plenty of "capillary refills" throughout the whole procedure. This involves pressing on the lips to blanche them and then checking how quickly they turn pink again. This is very important as it tells me that the filler is in the safe part of the lip.

After the vermillion border I then start to inject in to the body of the lips in the "tubercles" which are the pillows if the lips. I carry on checking the lips from lots of angles and performing capillary refills.

Once all areas are injected I will massage the lips to check and ensure they are smooth.
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Tonight I'll talk about lip preparation prior to having Juvederm lip fillers injected.

I apply a numbing cream to the lips. The anaesthetic that it contains is similar to the one given for dental procedures, lidocaine. Now anaesthetics are volatile and can wear off over a short period of time so I always wipe off the cream after 15 minutes and then apply fresh cream for another 15 minutes. The cream numbs the lips and the surrounding areas which helps the client with the discomfort of an injection.

Juvederm Smile Lip Filler also contains an anaesthetic and once the filler is injected the lips become even more numb making the procedure more comfortable.

The photo below shows the client completely at ease with the numbing cream in place.

When the client has had numbing cream on for half an hour it is removed and the lips are cleaned with a powerful antibacterial spray as the mouth is a site for lots of bacteria and we want to make the area as sterile as we can before injecting.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the process of injecting lip filler.

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In the second instalment about Juvederm Lip Fillers I'll talk about the consultation and where the product goes.

I always conduct a thourough consultation with my clients consisting of a medical history, any medications they are taking and if they are currently well enough to have a treatment. We also discuss what results the patient would like to achieve.

Juvederm Lip Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is a plumping and moisturising agent that is naturally found in the body. By placing it in the lips it swells in size and can restore volume and definition to the lips.

The picture below shows all the features that make up a pair of lips. It is important to retain these features when treating lips so that they still look natural. Over filling lips can lead to an unnatural shape and taut skin which doesn't complement anybody's face!

To add definition to the lips a small amount of filler is placed along the "vermillion border". After treatment the vermillion border is more prominent so reflects light better and gives a crisper outline to the lips.

To add volume to the lips more filler is placed in the body of the lips called the "tubercles" which are the naturally curvy, pillow-like structures of the lip.

By enhancing and NOT changing the features of the lips, fillers can be used to produce very natural looking lips very easily.

Tomorrow I'll discuss lip preparation prior to lip filler injections.

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